stcolumbaSt. Columba Anglican Church in Kenaston


St. Columba offers a relaxed athmosphere where all are welcomed! While a liturgical church (meaning that our services are in a printed form) our language is modern and our music offers a mix of modern music, traditional music and taize choruses.  We intend for our message to be relevant with the timeless message of the Bible which is applied to today.  We are unable to offer a children's program, but we do have a children's space, equipped with a variety of crafts and puzzles created to teach about the Christian faith. If we know your child will be attending, we will have material available applicable to the gospel of the day!

Many of our congregation take part in the service and if you wish, you will be welcomed to take part whenever you are ready.  Services are held every Sunday with services generally led by clergy. We are blessed by ordained clergy as both Susan Anholt and Tracey Taylor were ordained to the priesthood in December 2013. The congregation is small but mighty holding a strong sense of commitment to a risen Christ.  We offer a church home for everyone and all newcomers are welcome to join us!

Our History:

The roots of the Anglican religion can be traced to 1904, with services held in the school house. The clergy was sent out from Regina by the Railway Mission. Members of the congregation provided accommodations for the clergy in their very limited homestead facilities. Records indicate that Reverend A.C. Tappan served St Columba in 1908.

The foundation for St. Columba Anglican Church was laid in 1911 and the church built in 1912. The first organist was Mr. Dommett. Ministry was provided by O. Wakefield in 1912, Maurice Beardshaw from 1912-1914, L.J. Tatham from 1914-1917, H.H. Stickings served in 1917, J.R.B. Smith from 1917-18 with H.H. Stickings returning in 1920.

St. Columba Anglican Church formed another part of the community fabric throughout the 1920's. Mr. Dommett remained as church organist. The Harvest Thanksgiving service was to become a worship tradition. Church events included a garden party complete with ball teams and races, Fowl Suppers, and Shrove Tuesday & Pancake Suppers with at a cost of 50 cents for the meal. In 1924 the Anglican's held a Sports Day; the adult ball prize was $25.00; the Junior Ball prize listed at $5.00; followed by an evening dance. The tradition of the Strawberry festival and apron sales began in 1928. Other activities included a St. Patrick's Day Bridge and Whist tea in March of 1930. The ministry through the nineteen twenties was H.H. Stickings 1920-21, F.H. King 1921-22, G.C. Turner 1922-25, R.C. Matthews 1925-26, P.C. Hackworth 1926-29, with R.T. Keal arriving in 1930.

Columba-ClergyWardens-3edit-copyDuring the 1930's Mr. Dommett remained as the organist. Sunday School was ongoing and members formed a Little Helpers Band; while entertaining this group raised funds for mite boxes, cards and more. Events in the early nineteen thirties included the Strawberry Social, Sunshine Tea, Social evenings and raffles. Ecumenical events were not unheard of as in 1939 the Anglican and Evangelical held a joint educational service on a Sunday afternoon in the Evangelical church featuring an address on the value of education. In 1940 the Junior W.A. sponsored a play entitled "No Account David", followed by a dance. This group also sponsored a Parcel Tea; collecting items to send parcels to soldiers overseas. The ladies also formed a Girls W.A group in 1940. Reverend R.T. Keal remained in the Anglican Parish until 1932, and was replaced by Reverend L.R. Hill in 1933. This was short lived and Reverend D.M. Cleasby took the charge from 1933-35. There was a void until Reverend R.J. Arnold arrived and served from 1938-40. Records indicate that J. Rowlands arrived in 1940.

St. Columba Anglican Church remained unchanged in the forties. Mr. Dommett, a long standing organist upon his retirement was succeeded by Mr. Percy Hooper. Baptisms and the Women's organization were ongoing. The Women's Auxiliary minutes noted that in 1948 strawberries were too expensive and the ladies held an ice cream tea instead! In 1949, this church started a Boy's League. Other notes of interest included a vicarage fire in 1949 which required some structural repairs. Reverend J. Rowlands continued with this congregation until 44, followed by R.L.W. Jones from 1944-46, W. Field 1946-47, F.E. Torpey 1948-49, with Reverend N. Hornby arriving in 1950.

St. Columba Anglican Church continued to contribute to the social fabric of the community when in 1953 members presented two one act plays in the town hall and sponsored a dance after the performances. They held a May Day Tea in 1952; Christmas Supper and pageant in 1952, and opened the parish hall in August, 1953. The Parish of Kenaston included Bladworth, Hawarden and Glenside and perhaps Outlook for some time. Reverend N. Hornby continued his ministry until 1953. Mrs. Laura Roberts assumed the position of organist in 1954 following Mr. Hooper's retirement to Saskatoon. Laura had a rare musical gift and she gave new life to any keyboard she touched. D.W. Roberts pastored from 1953-55 followed by E. Gray from 1955-58 with D.R. Hester arriving in 1958. The church appearance remained unchanged.

The congregation of St. Columba Anglican Church remained under the pastoral care of D.R. Hester until 1961. He was followed by R. Pratt from 1961-63 and R. Westfall from 1963-64. The Kenaston congregation amalgamated in 1964 with Craik to form the Parish of Craik-Kenaston, later known as the Parish of Midlakes.

R. Nicolle ministered to the Parish from 1964-67, followed by D. Brooman for the summer of 1967. S. Ellis led the congregation from 1967-70 and D.A. Guthrie arrived in 1970 ministering to Kenaston, Craik, Davidson, Bladworth, Girvin and Hawarden. The Church held a homecoming service in August, 1970.

D.A. Guthrie remained until 1973. Philip Velpel tended to the congregation for the summer of 1973, followed by Canon G.E. Smith arriving in 1973. The church building was painted in 1975. A windstorm of June 4, 1976 blew the steeple off the church, however local carpenters quickly made the repairs and the steeple was again part of the Village skyline. Father Roy W. Benson served from 1978-79 and began the tradition of taking the children's choir to Prairie View Lodge to entertain and visit with the residents. Reverend A. Hallidie-Smith arrived in 1979, and the congregation minutes speak of Fowl Suppers, Valentine teas, bake sales and World Day of Prayer services. In 1979 Laura Roberts was acknowledged for serving as organist for 25 years.

Reverend A. Hallidie-Smith remained at St. Columba Anglican Church until 1981; followed by J. Zimmerman who served from 1981 to 1985. The Parish underwent a Diocese program entitled "Rural Revitalization" in 1984 and the leadership of St. Columba began to reorganize with enthusiasm. Father David Ashdown arrived in 1986 and the journey was underway. The church was placed on a new foundation and an addition was built.

Over the next year the entire church was renovated and modernized, culminating in a rededication on February 22, 1987. A young people's choir debuted on Easter Sunday. The congregation celebrated their 75th anniversary in June, 1987. The weekend consisted of the traditional Saturday afternoon Strawberry Tea, followed by a community variety night and a luncheon following the Sunday service.

Stained glass windows depicting the trinity were installed and dedicated in the fall of 1988. The organists over this decade were Laura Roberts and Rosemary O'Handley. Catering was revitalized in the late 1980's, and new hymnals were purchased. The old parish hall was demolished in 1988. 1989 saw the congregation co-hosting a Vacation Bible School along with painting the church. 1990 saw the end of an era as the ACW disbanded.

St. Columba Anglican Church installed new pews in 1991. The congregation celebrated their 80th anniversary with an old time family picnic in 1992. Reverend David Ashdown remained in the parish until '92 and was replaced by Reverend Murray Still in 1993. Regular confirmations took place throughout the 1990s with the largest being in 1996 with 13 young people. The church was painted in '97. Reverend Still left in 1998 and the parish determined that they would continue with the services of Reverend Derek Nicholls as part-time pastor from 1998-2000. It is believed that Laura Roberts retired as organist in 1996. The other organists throughout the nineties were Beverly Pavelich, Rosemary OHandley & ML Whittles.

St. Columba Anglican Church was served by Reverend Arthur Anderson in 2001. The Children's Church continued their visits to Prairie View Lodge until 2001. Reverend Don Wells served the parish from 2002 to 2004, followed by Reverend Bryson Randall from 2004 to 2005. Reverend Helena Houldcroft was pastor to the parish for 2006 and 2007. Father Dan Fournier held monthly services from the later part of 2007 until June, 2008. Reverend Don Wells provided ministry supply until the end of 2008. Reverend Arthur Anderson, Reverend Don Wells, Reverend Blair Dixon provided ministry supply in 2009. Throughout much of 2010, Archdeacon Rob Hardwick, Arthur Anderson, Blair Dixon provided ministry supply.Reverend Blair Dixon has provided ministry supply for the majority of 2011 and 2012. Reverend Catherine Harper provided Eucharistic ministry in late 2010 and officiated occasionally in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Susan Anholt and Tracey Taylor were ordained to the diaconate in August, 2012 and to the priesthood in December, 2013.

Today in 2024, Reverend Tracey and Reverend Susan continue to serve St. Columba with weekly communion services. Our music has transended to digital with a beautiful leading voice, thanks to the gifts of Heather Willner. This is God's house and all of God's children are welcome here!