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The Midlakes Ministry Team

Bishop David Ashdown, Reverend Susan Anholt and Reverend Tracey Taylor serve Midlakes Anglican Parish licenced as Associate Priests. All are scheduled to preside at worship on a rotational basis at both All Saints and St. Columba.

Susan Anholt and Tracey Taylor were both ordained in December, 2013 by Bishop Rob Hardwick.  With the support of lay leaders in both the Davidson congregation (Lana Johnsson and Shirley Blenkin) and Kenaston congregation (Roxanne Finnie, Margaret Klarholm and Doug Taylor), Midlakes Parish is able to offer weekly worship on a consistent and fulfulling basis.

David Ashdown, retired from the position of Archbishop in the Ecclesiastical Province of Keewatin resides in the community of Craik. David and Penny Ashdown were part of the Craik community in the late 1980's while David served as the parish priest in Midlakes.










Photo: (L to R)
Reverend Susan Anholt - Bishop Rob Hardwick - Reverend Tracey Taylor 

Bishop David Ashdown 

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